Green Tree Golf Club

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​​​​After 55 years of continuous ownership by the Syar family, Green Tree Golf Club permanently closed on February 24, 2016.

This was a difficult decision for our family, but it is not feasible for us to continue to operate the 27-hole golf course.  Like other golf courses across the country, Green Tree's closure is part of a national industry trend: the extraordinary decline of the popularity of golf.  Green Tree was once home to over 110,000 annual rounds of golf but today the course is averaging just over 30,000 rounds per year.

We are very saddened about the necessary closure of Green Tree Golf Club and we care deeply about the course, its employees and the community.  We want to thank our loyal customers for their support through the multiple rounds of golf, group outings, corporate events and fundraisers that you have allowed us to be a part of over the years.

Built by C.M. "Tony" Syar, Green Tree Golf Club opened in the early 1960's and has remained in the Syar family to this day.  As tenured owners, we have gone through many economic cycles, both good and bad, and the decision to close is a personal and difficult one for the family but one that makes the most financial sense.

At this point in time no decision has been made for what will transpire for the site beyond the fact that the Syar family is committed to staying in Vacaville.

The Syar Family